Tonotopia: Listening through Cochlear Implants

Tonotopia - listening through cochlear implants

Ever wondered what it's like to hear through a cochlear implant?  Well, you can! Tonotopia is an exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London that helps people to understand the digital sounds perceived by those who are profoundly deaf with cochlear implants. Tom Tlalim invited six cochlear implant users (one of them is …

Travelling solo with a Cochlear Implant around the World

Cochlear Implant

‘You’re not going to travel around the world especially if you’re deaf’  A friend said to rain on my parade over a coffee when I revealed my intentions. I was still in my corporate job and I firmly declared what I would be doing six months later. I just gathered enough money to buy a …

My Cochlear Implant Journey

Cochlear Implant

This will be the first in a series about my deafness. Travelling will test me to the limit particularly in a foriegn speaking country and I hope this blog will inspire many deaf people to seize the day and NOT let their deafness put a limiting factor of their fun, enjoyment and experience! First of all, …

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