Podcast (with transcript) with Hear Me Out CC about deaf travel

Late last year, I had the enormous privilege to be interviewed by Ahmed Khalifa of Hear Me Out CC to talk about ‘My Journey Around the World as a Deaf Traveller’.

This podcast (with transcripts) is part of a series of ‘stories from fascinating individuals in and around the d/Deaf community’ and I was lucky enough to be the sixth podcast!

In this podcast, I share my story about travelling around the world and the challenges I faced with some surreal stories and advice for deaf people looking to travel.

So, grab a cup of tea/coffee/glass of wine or your favourite tipple and hear the podcast or read the transcript to your heart’s content by clicking on the link below.

Listen or read the podcast here: My journey around the world as a deaf traveller

I’d love to hear what you thought. Comment below or shoot me a message on my Facebook page: The Deaf Traveller 

Hear Me Out CC


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