Deaf Travel Interview with Mr Luke Christian

Years ago, as a deaf person, I didn’t believe I could travel on my own around the world so I put everything off. I didn’t really have anyone to look up to giving me that confidence that, yes, you can travel on your own without any limits. Thanks to many bloggers out there, I was able to take the plunge and book my flights. However, what about people who are deaf or has hearing loss? Are there any advice for them to stop them being in my position all them years ago? There are so many deaf bloggers out there who have that advice for travels and more and I want to interview them to crack them open for their rawness inspiration of travel inside.

For this interview, I am starstruck to talk to THE Mr Luke Christian. Luke is a high flying lifestyle and grooming blogger who also happens to be deaf! It’s strange I haven’t already met this fellow Northern England blogger and I hope to meet him fairly soon in person! He’s dipped his toe in the ocean of travel and has already swung into action travelling solo to Lapland for his first solo trip and has recently come back from Prague!

Mr Luke Christian

1. Name:  Mr Luke Christian

2. Twitter:  @mrlukechristian

3. Facebook Page:

4. Blog URL:


5. Where are you originally from and where are you now?

I am originally from Harrogate and I am currently in Leeds!


6, Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Sassy, kind and driven.


7. Tell us about your blog. What makes your blog unique from all the other bloggers out there?

I blog primarily about Male Grooming but since becoming a Phonak #hEARo earlier this year, have been sharing more about my life being deaf and my journey with it!


8. Why did you start writing a blog? And did you find it easy to set up?

I started my blog because I was at a low point in my life and my best friend suggested starting up a blog. At first, I thought she was just joking around but having trained as a beautician and being a creative person, it felt natural to merge the two together and three years later, here I am!


9. If you had to travel with 3 other deaf travel bloggers who would they be?

You of course! Ellie Parfitt (@deafieblogger) and Nathan Rollinson! (@rollinson_london)


10. What’s the best advice you can give for deaf travellers?

Stay alert, don’t be afraid to ask for help, prep beforehand and do your research on the airport, journey and your destination. Also, it helps to have a Red Bull (or 2)!


Mr Luke Christian


11. Other than a job, what’s the easiest way to make money for travels?

I have no idea but if you have the answer to this, fancy letting me know yeah?


12. Where have you been in the world? And which was the best, worst, funniest, most random and scariest for your deaf experiences? 

I have been to Spain, Paris, Berlin, Lapland and most recently, Prague! The best experiences were Paris where I went with a friend but I found myself relying on him more than I probably should have done when it came to dealing with things such as listening out for tannoys/changes, asking people for directions and general things!

The scariest was probably my working trip to Lapland with Huawei where I travelled alone and it was the first time flying solo. I definitely felt more prepared though as I recently just got back from Prague so knew what to expect!


13. What equipment do you use to support your deafness when you’re travelling?

I don’t really have anything other than my Phonak hearing aids… Any suggestions?


14. Luggage or Backpack?

Luggage. On wheels of course, preferably with somebody else wheeling it around…


15. Top 3 items that you would love to see invented to support your deafness when travelling?

Hearing aids that blast out to everybody, ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ when I need to focus.

Wings that attach to hearing aids because, well that would just be so much easier wouldn’t it?

Finally, waterproof ones! So I can jump in the sea or pool without worrying about where to put them safely.


16. Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

Oh God. I am TERRIFIED of heights, but I am hoping to do one of these this year for charity so keep an eye out…


17. Best travel idol (aside from me, of course) that you would want to sit next to on the plane?

Kate Moss?


18. Hostel, Guesthouse, Hotel or Couchsurf? 



19. What deaf awareness would you love to see in accommodation?

A leaflet on deaf places to visit in that area so I could immerse myself in their world too!


20. Day Trip, Backpack or live? UK, New Zealand or Vietnam?

Day Trip: Vietnam

Backpack: New Zealand

Live: UK

(I’m a home-bird what can I say!?)


Mr Luke Christian


21. Lonely Planet or Rough Guide?

Lonely Planet.


22. What resources do you use to help with your travel planning and what do you use to find out a destination/tour company is accessible or not?



23. How do you find communicating with travellers on the road?

Scary and intimidating but I believe you don’t grow as a person if you don’t push yourself.


24. Would you go on I’m a Celebrity and eat pig’s testicles?

For no less than £1,000,000,000 then sure, why not!


25. How do you stay connected to your loved ones back home?

Instagram is the best way. It’s instant, people can contact me via my stories and see where I’m at in live time.


26. Which 3 songs have you played the most on your music device on your travels and how do you listen to them?

I have an iPod that is 13 years old… It still functions well though! I usually listen to my music when I’m relaxing alone, I get too paranoid about blasting out my music choices in case others can hear!


27. Have you travelled on your own?, how did that go for you and did you find it easy to make new friends on the road?

I did! A few months back when I went to Lapland. The travelling experience on the way there was overwhelming at times with the loud noises of luggage being dragged around, tannoys going off and general background noise. But, on the trip I met a few others and we all travelled back together so it lessened my worries which was better!


28. What are your next travel plans?

I really, really, really want to go to Amalfi next year. It looks beautiful! Plus, having travelled alone now I feel that there’s no stopping me!


29. What’s the best advice you can give to first time deaf travellers?

Just prep beforehand


Thanks Luke for doing this interview! If you would like to know more about his deaf blog, look up here: Mr Luke Christian

If you would like to have an interview, please drop an email to and we’ll get you featured on here!

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