Ed’s Guide to Deaf Awareness

Deaf awareness. 

The mainstay of every deaf person’s requirements on the rest of the population to communicate with us and be inclusive. We strive every day and, yet, we are constantly surprised by the situations that comes about – namely the ones that are misconceptions about deaf awareness from other people – for example – if you do notice that we are deaf, you start slowing down your speech in the thought that we understand you.

We don’t.

Why? Slowing down your speech distorts your speech and lip patterns.

I had the pleasure of working with BBC No Filter to showcase misconceptions about deaf awareness in a hilarious video that will tickle you.

See, deaf people can be funny. Enjoy the video and share with your friends!

If you would like to know more about deaf awareness, why not check out: 10 simple tips of communicating with deaf travellers

Got a question about deaf awareness? Leave a comment below or message me on Facebook: The Deaf Traveller Facebook Page

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